THROWBACK VIDEO 1995 Ford Ranger Plays Football

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ranger football

This week’s Throwback takes us back to 1995, where Ford showed off the functionality of the compact Ranger pickup by setting up a football game where all of the competitors were in Rangers. Two teams of 1995 Ranger pickups – one in white and one in red – go head to head in the mud with a gigantic football.

With the help of features like four wheel drive and a 4.0L 6-cylinder engine, one red Ford Ranger is able to get down field to catch the big ball, which had been fired from the back of a teammate with a huge slingshot. After catching the ball, the red Ranger jukes and jives its way into the end zone.

This seemingly ends the game as the guy driving the scoring truck celebrates, but there is no question that this is one of the more unique Ford Ranger commercials of all time.

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