Throwback Video: 1995 Ford Lineup Leads Truck and Car Sales

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1995 ford commercial

This week’s Throwback video features a commercial for the 1995 Ford lineup. Back then, the Ford F Series pickup was still the bestselling truck and the bestselling vehicle in America, but the Ford Taurus was the bestselling car in America. It would hold that title in 1996 as well, before the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord took over the show in the car segment.

Joining the popular Taurus and F Series back in 1995 were other popular Ford vehicles including the Bronco, the Ranger, the Explorer and the Escort – all of which were on the list of the ten bestselling vehicles in the U.S. This commercial shows people doing American things like fishing and going to soccer practice, all relying on Ford vehicles to get them there in a time where Ford offered 50% of the industry’s bestselling vehicles.

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