Throwback Video: 1993 Ford F-150 Gets a Free Bedliner

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Bedliner technology has come along a great deal in the past 25 years, with the factory spray-on option becoming a popular box to check among all new trucks, but back in 1993, Ford used the old school lay-in bedliner to help sell trucks.

1993 f150 bedliner

This week’s Throwback video features a 1993 Ford F-150 commercial in which the narrator is talking about the advantages of the free bedliner. As the commercial begins, we get to enjoy some very, very low definition special effects as the damage caused by cinder blocks, tools, a cord of firewoord, 2x4s, a toolbox and even lawn mowers are created to show what happens when you don’t have a bedliner.

It is a bit cheesy, but this 1993 Ford F150 reminds us two things – bedliners can prolong the life of your truck and special effects have come a very long way in the past two decades.

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