Throwback Thursday: An Adventurous 1990 Bronco II TV Ad

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1990 Bronco

1990 Bronco Is Chic, Capable, and Even Glamorous on This Vintage TV Ad!

This week’s Throwback Thursday video features a local television 1990 Bronco ad from California. The TV spot shows the iconic SUV shining through as the ultimate snow warrior. While you don’t necessarily think of California when you ponder about heavy snowfall, this ad takes us to the Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

This area of the great state was the host of the 1960 Winter Olympics, and as you might imagine, receives ample snowfall to support ski resorts. As a result, such conditions leave people with a need for a vehicle which can get through the fresh powder.

Of course, living the Californian life also entails time spent in busy cities and stop-and-go traffic. That’s why someone who commutes from San Francisco to the Olympic Valley would need a vehicle that could “fit” in the city, as well as the ritzy winter town. In addition, these folks would likely want a vehicle that would represent their adventurous spirit – making the 1990 Ford Bronco II the ideal ride.

In this commercial we see alternating clips of skiers in ’90s neon fashion “slaloming” down the slopes. And in the background blended in with shots is the little Ford SUV. Furthermore, the Bronco II looks right at home in the snow, and so does push-button four-wheel drive! Such gadget was a hot, new feature at the time which made traversing slippery roads even easier.

Believe it or not, the Ford Bronco II was so proficient in the snow that it was named the official vehicle of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort! In the end, this 1990 Bronco II commercial is so stereotypically ’90s that we couldn’t pass it up. With plans of a new Bronco headed to market we could soon see more ads of this kind!

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