Throwback Thursday: Nineties Bronco Can Fly

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Venezuela commercial for 1990 Bronco shows that O.J. picked the right getaway vehicle. This big Ford can seemingly do everything!

This week’s “Throwback Thursday” video features a commercial for the 1990 Ford Bronco in the Venezuelan market. We don’t speak any Spanish, so we don’t know what is being said in this foreign Ford commercial, but this spot is so chock-full of “wow” demos, that we couldn’t pass it up.

This TV spot for the Ford Bronco begins by showing a farm being ravaged by a storm. The strong winds bring down a tree which damages the barn and upsets the horses as a little girl and her mom look on in horror, but do not fear – as off in the distance, a handful of men load up their bright red 1990 Bronco and head off to help.


After these guys buckle into the front and rear seats, the driver drops the clutch and tears off into the night with a hard spin of the tires. We then watch as the Bronco plows through deep mud, easily climbs obstacles and soars through the air, with the night turning to day and the rain stopping. It seems that the Bronco takes at least 5-6 hours to get there, but when it does, the crew begins to pull the fallen tree away from the barn. While that crew is working with their red Bronco, a second Bronco races to the scene, bouncing along the rough roads and sliding around the turns in fantastic fashion before arriving at the scene of the trouble.

A vet jumps out of the silver Bronco and more men show up to help, removing the debris from the entryway to the barn just in time for the doctor and a barn hand to rescue the injured foal. In the end, these men and their Broncos come to the rescue of the family and the young horse – while offering up plenty of fairly outrageous driving footage of the big SUV.

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