1985 Ford Truck Hauls a Chevy and Tows a Dodge Up a Hill

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In 1984, Ford showed off how tough their newest F Series pickup was by driving one up a large rock pile with a half ton Chevy truck sitting in the bed.

For the 1985 F Series, Ford needed a way to trump their own commercial so in addition to loading another Chevy truck into the bed of the new Ford, they also hooked up a half ton Dodge truck to the hitch before climbing up that same steep rock pile.

1985 ford truck commercial 600

Ford likes to call it a mountain while I prefer the term rock pile – but wording aside, it is an impressive feat caught on film before there were special effects to fake something like this.

The video quality is about what you would expect from a 1985 TV commercial, but there is no doubt that this was one awesome way to show off the capabilities of the Ford trucks in that era.

Most buyers wouldn’t even need to haul a Chevy truck in the bed or tow a Dodge truck up a huge hill of large rocks, but carrying the competition on their shoulders allowed Ford to remind everyone that they sold the toughest trucks in America.

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