THROWBACK THURSDAY 1983 Ford Pickup Pulls 5 Horse Trailers

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1983 diesel ford td

This week’s Throwback Thursday video takes us back to 1983, where we check out the first Ford truck with a diesel engine.

Although the details say that this truck is an F-150, I believe that it is actually an F-250 fitted with the then-new 6.9L naturally aspirated V8.

This International Harvester diesel V8 offered 170 horsepower and 315 lb-ft of torque, which afforded the Ford truck in this advertisement the ability to pull over 10,000 pounds.


To show off the towing capabilities of the 1983 Ford F-250 with the new diesel engine, Ford hooked one of these new oil-burning pickups five single horse trailers each with a horse loaded up.

On the side of each trailer is stamped “2,000 LBS” so this demo makes it very clear that the new diesel Ford is pulling at least 10,000 pounds. Not only is it pulling 5 tons, but it is doing so on a hill that is as steep as Pike’s Peak, per the narrator.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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