Throwback Thursday: 1979 Ford F Series Packs a Big Stroker, Big Power (Video)

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1979 ford 650hp 600

For this week’s Throwback Thursday I found a video of a 1979 Ford F Series pickup that has been modified to make some very serious power. This big beast packs a 514 cubic inch stroker V8 that delivers a whopping 650 horsepower to the rear wheels, making it one quick pickup.

While the exterior of this classic Ford truck is clean and lean with very few changes that would lead anyone to believe that it might have 650 horsepower, as soon as the big block V8 fires up it becomes very clear that this is not your average 1979 Ford truck.

After a brief walkaround that includes a shot of the heavily modified interior, we get to watch this high performance 1979 Ford truck launch and race off into the distance twice – offering an impressive sample of what this built Ford can do. Even though there are no performance numbers offered up, it is clear from this video that this old school Ford truck can get moving in a big hurry.

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