THROWBACK VIDEO 1978 Ford F-250 Storming Thru the Mud

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78 f250 mudding

This week’s Throwback video features a 1978 Ford F-250 pickup playing around in some deep muddy water back in 2012.

This old school heavy duty Ford is powered by a built 351 Windsor V8 that sends its power through an NP435 transmission and an NP205 transfer case, while Dana 60 axles and 4.11 gears help to up all of that power to the ground.

The final piece of the puzzle is a lift kit to make room for the 33 inch swamper tires and the sum of these parts is a ’78 F-250 that has no problem blasting through this sloppy mud pit.

The video starts off a little slow, as the 1978 Ford F-250 pickup eases through the first portion of the watery mud hole, but around 42 seconds, the truck begins to lose momentum and the driver replies by putting the pedal to the floor.

Amidst a shower of mud and water, this old school F-250 keeps on truckin’ through the slop and reaches the other side with the roar of a proper Ford V8.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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