THROWBACK VIDEO 1973 Ford F-250 Stands on End

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73 f250 puller 600

This week’s Throwback video features a jacked up 1973 Ford F-250 packing what is like a very big, big block V8 in action on the pulling course.

He gets off to a slow start, with the monster torque of this classic Super Duty causing the front end to lift a bit, but after the driver gets the front wheels back on the ground, he gets on his way with what looks to be a very strong pull.

The F-250 pulls the first portion of the course, making it almost look easy. Unfortunately, this old school F-250 gets near the cameraman, forward motion is lost and – like the beginning of the run – the front wheels pop up.

This time though, the 1973 Ford F-250 pulls the front wheels way up off of the ground, slamming back down once all forward progress is lost.

It doesn’t appear to have been a full pull but the combination of the sweet sound of this truck and the repeated wheelstands, it seemed like a fitting Throwback piece here on

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