This Classic 1970 Ford Truck Commercial is Smoking Hot

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1970 ford flare ad

This week’s Throwback video features a commercial for the 1970 Ford truck. Ford was working hard to show off the advantages of their high tech suspension setup and do to so, they made a wall of “hair trigger explosive” flares while the truck was fitted with a pair of strategically located poles. One pole was connected to the front wheel assembly and the other was fixed to the cab of the 1970 Ford truck.

The Ford truck was then driven along the wall of flares, which is accompanied by a row of alternating bumps on the test surface. As the Ford drove over the bumps, the pole on the wheel jumped around like crazy, setting off the flares in a wall of fire. However, thanks to the smooth suspension, the pole on the cab doesn’t move at all.

I imagine that back in 1970, watching this Ford truck start a bunch of small fires was a great draw for viewers – and it still is today.

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