1969 Ford Econoline Loses Top to Show Off

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1969 ford van ad

This week’s Throwback video takes us back to 1969, where Ford is showing off the advantages of the then-new Econoline van against the competitors. The commercial doesn’t mention the names of the competing vehicles, but it looks as though there is a GMC, a Ford and a Chevrolet.

The commercial begins with the crew cutting the roofs off of each of the four vans, giving us a better look at the interior space of the 1969 Ford Econoline van against the competitors. This open air view also provides better lighting to see the mechanics working inside of the other vans, where they are carelessly getting grease and oil all over the interior. On the other hand, the 1969 Ford van has easy access to the engine from the outside.

More importantly, the engine’s placement so far forward in the 1969 Ford Econoline van affords a significant advantage in cargo space over the competitors – which is displayed by loading several huge kitchen counters into each of the vans. It only fits in the Ford.


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