THROWBACK THURSDAY 1966 Ford SuperVan has Room for a Lion

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1966 ford supervan

This week’s Throwback Thursday video takes us back to 1966, where we are introduced to the new Ford Econoline SuperVan. By 1966, the Ford Econoline van was already very popular, but the Motor Company recognized the need for something a little bigger – and in comes the new SuperVan. The SuperVan has an extra foot and a half behind the rear wheels, which adds 23% more cargo space to the room cab-over-engine van.

This 1966 Ford Econoline commercial is wonderfully olde timey, with pale colors, poor photography and zany antics while two guys load up a regular sized Ford van. However, when they don’t have room to load up their lion, they have to turn to the new SuperVan. The Ford SuperVan has enough space for a lion so the problem is solved, but hilarity ensues, including the top ticketing the lion while in the driver’s seat of the 1966 Ford.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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