Watch a Classic 1957 Ford Ranchero Commercial

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57 ranchero

This week’s Flashback video features an advertisement for the 1957 Ford Ranchero. The odds are good that if you are familiar with the Ranchero, you know that it is a “pickup car” and in this classic ad, Ford talks up the fact that it is more than a car and more than a truck.

In fact, the ad starts off by stating that the Ranchero offers the style and efficiency of modern air transport on the ground. Now, I’m not sure how the Ranchero matches air travel back in 1957, as it couldn’t hold as many people or as much cargo as any place and it certainly cannot fly – but there is no question that the Ranchero offered more versatility than almost anything else on the road back then.

The advertisement points out that the Ranchero rode and handled like a car, but with the capability to haul more than a half a ton or weight, it also offers the work horse abilities of a small truck.

The Ranchero might be long gone, but commercials like this – and great little cars like the Ranchero – will continue on well into the future.

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