Throwback Thursday: Ford Ranger Brings Home the Gold!

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1996 Ford Ranger shines in the truck Olympic Games, claiming the gold after dominating in the long jump, discus and hurdles!

The 1996 Olympic Summer Games were held in Atlanta, Georgia, and with the events taking place on American soil, Ford Motor Company cooked up a unique advertising campaign for the 1996 Ford Ranger.

This week’s “Throwback Thursday” video relives that commercial, showcasing the popular compact pickup in a series of fictitious events modeled after the Olympic Games. In traditional fashion, this event is called the Truckathlon.


This commercial shows the small truck performing some wildly fun-looking sports, including the truck long jump, the truck discus, and the truck hurdles! The long jump is as simple as it seems, with the Ranger soaring through the air achieve the furthest distance. The truck discus is like the normal sport, except the massive Frisbee is loaded into the bed and flung down-range by whipping the back of the truck around. Lastly, the truck hurdles is simply a handful of trucks racing around a dirt track, slamming through each hurdle as they charge to the finish line. Sounds fun, no?

Of course the Ford Ranger claims the gold medal, which isn’t really a surprise. After all, it is a Ford commercial, but the Ranger was also the most capable midsize truck out there. Oh, and this Truckathlon commercial includes sporting commentary, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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Video via: [90s Commercials]

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