Throwback Thursday: Alan Jackson Sings About Ford Country

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Alan Jackson sings in a 1999 Ford pickup commercial which, if longer, could have been a country music video.

While country music has taken a hard turn towards the pop side of things, Alan Jackson was one of the biggest names in the music world back in 1999. Ford tapped Jackson to come up with a theme song of sorts for a new marketing campaign, and the result was Ford Country. This week’s “Throwback Thursday” video features a 30-second commercial from that campaign, with Alan Jackson singing the jingle with the then-new Ford trucks in action.

Alan Jackson’s popularity aside, this Ford Country commercial was a great way to use country music to market America’s most popular pickup. Country music tends to tell the story of a hard-working country boy who drives a truck, has a dog that he loves, and a girlfriend he misses. The images show people doing “country things” in what we can expect is the wonderful, wholesome, fictional land of Ford Country.

Enjoy the tune and check the sweet Ford trucks!

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Video via: [Tigercat919]

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