3 Interesting Cleveland EcoBoost Plant Facts You Need to Know

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Cleveland Engine Plant Investment

Ford has declared full speed ahead on their EcoBoost line of engines, and for good reason. They deliver the power and performance of much larger engines with better fuel economy than the engines they replace. I recently had the opportunity to tour the facility that’ll be making nearly every EcoBoost going into a Ford you can buy, and learned some interesting facts about production.

The Engine Is Never Started

Cleveland Engine Tester

This station checks engine components without starting it.

Thanks to the device above, engineers can check and test all of the components of the engine without ever having to start it. The first time the engine is ever started is when the final vehicle rolls off the assembly line.

Since they don’t have to start the engine, it makes it easier to listen to the various components. That helps in destroying NVH issues as well as identifying a component that might fail.

Even though the never start the engines, they don’t worry about the engines not starting. A failure to start after the engine has shipped from the plant is virtually non-existent.

Helium Gas Helps Find Flaws

Cleveland Engine

Now that tolerances are in the microns, it helps seal everything up inside the engine. But it also makes it more difficult to find flaws. Ford pushes helium through the engines to help find those flaws.

Regular old air was initially used, but didn’t provide the results Ford expected, so helium was tested and used.

Cleveland Makes a Lot of Engines

Need a wire harness?

Need a wire harness?

Once the plant hits full capacity, the plant will produce more than 1 million engines a year. Just the 2.0L and 2.3L line will output 95 engines per hour. That’s running 3 shifts a day, everyday. That’s a lot of engines.

I know many of you prefer the 5.0L V8 over the new EcoBoost engines, but Ford goes to great lengths to ensure their new engines are built to a world-standard.

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