This Terminator-Themed Ford F-650 is Ready for Judgment Day

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2006 Ford F650 6

Over the years, Ford has been associated with numerous businesses – NASCAR, Eddie Bauer, King Ranch, etc.

This 2006 Ford F-650 has an unmistakable connection to the Terminator series of movies. No, it wasn’t used in one of them, but there are a few reasons the fire and metal-skull-themed vinyl wrap fits it well.

Just look at it. Its massive dimensions and dual rear wheels terminate nearly any chance of parking it quickly – or at all – in certain spots. Its 8,500-pound axles can destroy any fears of this rig not having sturdy underpinnings.

2006 Ford F650 3

Under the giant hood, there’s a 5.9-liter Cummins turbo diesel I6 that’s covered 88,632 miles. According to the seller, RK Motors Charlotte, that’s “essentially break-in time on an engine that’s known to travel up to 500,000 clicks. And everything benefitted from a complete service that was conducted roughly 1,000 miles ago.” A five-speed automatic helps deliver that Cummins power to this gigantic creation’s 22.5-inch wheels.

Boredom on the road to the lake or to a far-away road trip destination doesn’t stand a chance inside the cabin, which features Kenwood audio, navigation, and satellite radio and TV.

2006 Ford F650 11

If you want to put this custom F-650 in your garage in your enormous driveway, expect the purchase to blow away a minimum of $57,500. Just be sure not to drive it anywhere near cops who look like Robert Patrick…

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