THIS RUSTY CHEVROLET A Not-So-Nice Chevrolet Jingle for the Holidays!

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We wouldn’t say that we’re particularly fond of Chevrolet trucks. In fact, we wouldn’t say that we’re fond of them at all. Not only are they poorly made and unreliable, but also the subject of a large recall by¬†General Motors in the recent past. Though they are the supreme rival to Ford trucks, they don’t really seem to be on par at all, which makes us dislike them even more.

That’s why having a little fun at their expense seems warranted, and perfectly timed¬†during this holiday season. This jingle certainly pokes some fun at Chevrolet rides, and we love everything about it!

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The video that contains the jingle is filled with examples of Chevy’s incompetence, which is just an added bonus. The proof accompanies the song, and makes us cringe the entire way. From trucks snapping in half to stupid behavior to flames, the antics are surprising and laughable. After all, we all know none of these things would ever happen to a Ford!

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Of course, Chevrolet trucks aren’t all bad; apparently, the radio is okay!

Check out the hilarious Christmas jingle!

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