This Restored 1939 Ford Tow Truck Looks Awesome!

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Before the days of purpose-built trucks such as garbage trucks, milk trucks, and all manner of different trucks, Ford made one truck that had the ability to become everything and anything anyone would want.

The trucks were built using the same frame, same architecture, but varied in use. One of these such trucks is the 1939 Ford Tow truck you see before you.

Owned by 79-year-old Bruce Webber, this truck represents just a fraction of his massive Ford collections. Speaking with The Telegram, he describes it as “an addiction.” But one that he enjoys since it keeps it out of bars as such.

Not only a car collector, Webber is also a great-grandfather who will be passing on his extensive collection on when he passes.

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What’s even better is he’s restored every one himself. The Ford tow truck originally cost him $3,500 about 30 years ago, and since then he’s painstakingly restored the old work truck. And as you can see, it’s absolutely gorgeous in every single way, shape and form.

What do you guys think, are these older, odder trucks going to come back into fashion? Or are they going to stay the relatively cheap classic finds?

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