THIS OLD AD New Ford Trucks for 1958!

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1958 wasn’t a good year for Edsel Automobiles but it was a great year for Ford trucks. The most notable change from the 1957 models were the quad headlights and egg crate grille.

Everything else remained the same and owners could choose a 139 horsepower, 223 cubic inch six or a 171 hp, 272 cu. in. V8 for under the hood. The midyear upgrade was a whopping 186 hp 292 cu. in. V8 available as a three-speed manual, four-speed or a Ford-O-Matic automatic.

In the rear there was either a 6.5-foot or 8-foot bed and options included whitewalls, a radio, turn signals, lighter, gas cap lock and more.

My favorite option was the two-tone paint available in Azure Blue, Sea-spray Green and Goldenrod Yellow with Colonial White. Anyone has one of these beauties in the garage? Let’s see some pics if you do.

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Photos courtesy of Old Car Advertisements.


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