This is What It’s Like to Drive a Mustang GT on a Racetrack

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Test drives are great and all, but salespeople aren’t terribly enthusiastic about the idea of potential customers taking inventory out on a race course to see how it performs. That’s true here and across the pond in the UK, where the new Mustang is now available.

That’s also where Ford took one of its new Mustang GTs for a blast around the National Circuit at Silverstone. Before professional driver Paul Swift took off in the 435-horsepower beast, a crew stuffed it with six GoPro cameras and installed one on the front bumper. Another person put a drone in the air to capture footage of the Mustang going around the 1.6-mile course.

All of the video that gear captured gives you an idea of what it’s like to put a Mustang to the test in a place where you don’t have to worry about traffic lights or a nervous salesperson screaming in the middle of a curve.

You can check out the video and switch between the different cameras by clicking play on the first clip below. If your computer or mobile device doesn’t allow you to watch/interact with it, go a little lower and view all 360 degrees of the in-car footage on Youtube.

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