This is What a Catless Ecoboost Sounds Like

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F-150 Catless

Marcus Slater
F-150 Online

The truth of the matter is that for all the accolades and love the EcoBoost has gotten since it’s arrival, none of it has been directed towards the way it sounds. It’s a V6 after all. There’s only so much you can do to make it sound good. On top of that, swapping out mufflers tends to just an already "meh" exhaust note louder. Good exhaust flow is crucial to turbo performance, but no one wants their F-150 to sound like a G35 on whippets.

These guys took two steps toward improving the performance of the EcoBoost without swapping out the mufflers. Chopping out the catalytic converter and replacing it with a down-pipe accomplishes three things: 1. It’llĀ never smog in California. 2. You’ll free up your exhaust flow (meaning more horsepower) 3. You’ll make your turbos louder (also a bonus). Couple that mod with an ecu tune, and you’ll find yourself with a considerably faster truck. It’s not going to rumble and roar like a V8, but hey, performance is performance wherever you can get it.

As far as mods go, this one isn’t going to completely transform your life, but it will add some personality to your truck with a helping of extra power. Worth it? Let me know what you think in the comments!