This is How You Launch a 2015 Ford Mustang

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After nearly five decades of building anticipation for it, sweating its exterior design, painstakingly styling its cockpit, and putting great technical minds to work on it, Ford finally unveiled its 50th-anniversary Mustang in late 2013.

Given that the 2015 model was going to be a vehicle sold world-wide, as opposed to a world vehicle, the Blue Oval couldn’t just launch it in Dearborn. People all over the planet love the Mustang, which meant Ford had to cover its global bases. It ended up revealing the S550 to fans in six cities on four continents, from LA to Sydney, Australia.

Although the Mustang’s history has proven important to Ford, what’s just as vital to the automaker is the future of the car. That’s why Ford’s moved on to focusing on the features the 2016 version of the S550 will have.

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