This is How Customizable the Ford Transit Van Is

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Minivans, although useful, have created a massive image problem for regular vans. The smaller vehicles aren’t seen as cool; they’re viewed as conservative, boring, practical vehicles driven by suburban parents. They’re almost enough to make you overlook the fact that full-size vans can be pretty remarkable, especially if you own a business.

A lot of Ford Transit owners do. As you’ll see in the following gallery, they work in wildly different industries, ranging from dog grooming to art transportation to food sales. There’s even a Transit customer, Izzy Paskowitz, the owner of Surfers Healing, who uses his woodie van to transport autistic children, surfboards, and other pieces of equipment to fun and therapeutic surf lessons.

As unique as these vehicles are, they make up just one sample of what can be done with Ford Transits. The 2016 model can be configured in 58 different ways, then be customized immediately after rolling off the production line at the Kansas City Assembly Plant by one of 12 upfitters within a 30-mile radius.

Check out the gallery below. Perhaps one of these tricked-out Transits is doing business near you.

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