This Ford Truck is a Little Too Good at Pulling

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Fail 2

I feel sorry for the driver of the Ford Super Duty in the video you’re about to watch. He was just trying to help, but he ended up making things worse.

Granted, the situation was pretty damn bad from the start. Someone in a Jeep Cherokee got perma-stuck in the mud at a mind-boggling angle.

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The guy with the Ford had to attach a tow rope to the SUV at an equally odd angle to avoid getting similarly sucked into the earth. In an effort to extract the Cherokee, the man in the Blue Oval ripped one of its damn axles off.

Fail 3

The Ford driver was eventually able to extract the Jeep from Mother Nature’s grip, but he couldn’t get the broken box up a small hill because its paperweight of a front axle kept digging into the ground. The struggle is real and you can watch it below.

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