This Ford Mustang is So Fast, It Impresses a Lamborghini Huracan Driver

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What you’re about to watch in the following video is an S197 Ford Mustang taking on an all-wheel-drive, V10-powered Lamborghini Huracan supercar on the highways of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

You’re also about to see the definition of a gracious loser.

The lady driver of the Italian dream machine gets walked by the beastly Blue Oval and instead of cursing and/or making excuses, she – and her passenger – marvel at the American car’s speed.

I watched the clip several times and I still think the Lambo driver didn’t necessarily have to be a loser at all. It didn’t seem as if she were really going flat-out. I think she was babying her car. Perhaps had she been more forceful with her right foot, things would’ve ended differently.

What do you all think? Did the Mustang driver achieve an empty victory?

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