This Ford F-350 Goes Big, Gets Some Serious Air

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FTE Jump

When it comes to Ford truck jumps, we’ve seen just about everything. It doesn’t seem to matter if the jump features a professionally build Pre-Runner out on the California dunes or a backyard hillbilly destroying a beater on its last legs — they’re all just so much fun to watch! Of course, seeing heavy trucks defy gravity could only be described as exciting and enjoyable, as we’re sure many of you all would agree!

Today’s video might not be a professional in a built-up ride, but this guy definitely isn’t the redneck driver that’s in over his head, either. This clip features a white F-350 that comes rocketing up a hill, reaching high into the sky. And when we say “high into the sky,” that is exactly what we mean. This guy gets some serious air! And the landing doesn’t seem to be harsh, either.

The commentary by the cameraman makes this even more fun to watch. But don’t take out word for it — check out this insane jump below!

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