This Ford F-250 Has a Diesel Engine, Four-Wheel Drive…and a Horse’s Teeth Marks On It

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1993 Ford F-250 Ford-Trucks 7

Ford built the F-250 XLT you see here for the 1993 model year. By 1996, it was stored in a barn because its owner was left unable to drive it. It seldom left that barn over the next 20 years. However, it did manage to interact with the livestock around its home of two decades.

According to the seller of this truck, “The hood has some very strange looking scratches on it where I was told a curious mare strolled up and tried to take a few bites out of what I imagine she must have thought looked like the mother of all red apples.” Aside from that and a small ding in the tailgate trim, this rig looks pretty damn fresh.

It should. All of its time in that barn means it only has 20,600 miles on it. The shape of the bed is reflective of that youth. The chassis under it is said to be rust-free.

Inside, the seats are nearly wrinkle-free. Not surprisingly, the power windows and locks, A/C, cruise control, and radio still work. So does the four-wheel drive and the five-speed manual gearbox. The current owner says, “The big 7.3 IDI turbo fires right to life and runs magnificently, cool and smooth with mountains of power and torque, this engine is literally still breaking in.”

Someone paid $25,501 to have the privilege of breaking it in themselves. Let’s hope they keep it away from horses. Actually, we kind of hope they don’t.

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