This Ford F-150 Driver Totally Blows it!

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border patrol

Customs and Border Patrol managed to seize more than half-a-million dollars in cocaine hidden inside a Ford F-150 at the San Clemente, California border crossing.

While most sizable drug busts feature some sort of clever hiding passage or smuggling technique, the 23-year old driver of the purple Ford F-150 simply stuffed the packaged cocaine into the truck’s exhaust system.

Now, while I’m not an expert, I can only imagine that stuffing cocaine or any other legal or illegal substance inside a hot canister which exudes fumes, may not be the most concealed way to smuggle anything. The simple fact that I’m writing about this, proves so.

border patrol

The discovery happened when the young and silly driver was flagged for a K-9 unit check of the Ford’s undercarriage, and the rest is history. In total, 33.2 pounds of cocaine, with an estimated street value of $530,000 dollars were seized, and a very young man went to jail. Way to go Customs and Border Patrol, now you can afford more Ford Raptors!

Main takeaway: Don’t trust someone who drives a purple truck.

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Photos via: [CBP]

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