This 50k Monster Truck is the Only Vehicle You’ll Ever Need.

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Do you fancy driving on frozen lakes without the fear of crushing through the ice? Do you want to climb over stupidly tall obstacles? Do you want to be nearly unstoppable? Most importantly, do you want to spend less money than the cost of a loaded Ford F-150 for all these goodies?

Then you better apply for a Russian visa, because that’s exactly where you’ll need to go to find the vehicle of your dreams, that you can afford. The Russian SHERP ATV is the dream come true of Alexei Garagashyan, whom supposedly has spent most of his life doodling this thing on paper, until he eventually gathered enough personal money and backers to make it come true.

If I were Garagashyan I’d be extremely happy, because this is single-handedly one of the coolest little vehicles ever, and it won’t even cost you an arm and a leg like a Ford Raptor or a Mercedes Unimog. Plus, can any of those vehicles float and steer like a boat? Nope.

The SHERP ATV (not to be confused with the Himalayan network – SHERPA TV) is powered by a 44.3 horsepower, 1.5 liter Kubota four-cylinder, diesel tractor engine, which may not sound like much—but it’s enough to propel this cute little tank to 28 mph on land, and nearly 4 mph on water. Not to mention it packs some serious low-end torque.

There you have it. If you literally want to go anywhere, don’t buy a silly Ford F-150—just get a Russian visa.

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