This 1960 Ford F-Series Stepside Shortbed is F-Seriously Refreshed

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Classics never die, but when you’re thinking of buying a vehicle that came out when Ike was in office, such as this 1960 Ford F-100, you’d like to see at least a few parts described as “new.” Fortunately, this Blue Oval has some.

For instance, such parts as its front suspension, power disc brakes, custom 22-inch steel wheels, and tires fit that description. This Stepside’s 300-horsepower 350 cubic-inch V8 and floor-shifted three-speed transmission are listed as “fresh.”

Such work seems to be well-documented. The seller of this shortbed has receipts for $8,000 worth of parts and/or labor and says it recently passed inspection. Even better, there’s no reserve price on this American classic.

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via [Leake Auction Company]

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