The Thirst for the 2017 Ford GT Has Finally Solidified Into an Award

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I haven’t heard a single person say a single negative thing about the design of the 2017 Ford GT. There have been some questions about the V6 engine inside, but the exoskeleton is pretty unf***wittable, and that’s finally being formally honored.

The GT is the newest recipient of the Gene Ritvo Award, which is awarded to the car or concept with the most elegant design. The competition is judged by members of the New England Motor Press Association, design experts at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and people at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum, which is also in Massachusetts.

xq4obstqs8bjxtg4z86h“The Ford GT is the future in the present,” NEMPA President Craig Fitzgerald said. “But it never strays too far from the proportions that made the GT40 an instant classic. The Ford GT is no nostalgia car, but it looks back with enough fondness to make it appealing to every generation of car enthusiast. It’s a worthy recipient of the award named for our friend Gene Ritvo.”

Rivto was a long-time member of NEMPA and was also known for his photography at various concours.


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