Five Things You Might Not Know About the 2015 F-150

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The odds are that if you’re on this site, you’re an owner and/or avid fan of the Ford F-150 and you’ve heard a lot about the 2015 model.  So I’m not going to bore you with stuff you already know, such as the facts that its body will be aluminum and weigh a lot less than the 2014’s.

But I will tell you a few things that might surprise you.

  • Ford has been working on “an aluminum-intensive vehicle for over 30 years.”
  • Back in 2009, the company provided aluminum prototype F-150s for blind truck tests out in the real world.  The results of that sneakiness told the Blue Oval that it had the right formula for the next generation of its best-seller.
  • The aluminum used for the new pickup’s body is an alloy of that lightweight metal, magnesium (also scale-friendly) and silicon.
  • More high-strength steel is used in the frame than in that of the preceding rig.  Revolutionary roll-forming allows the backbone to be lighter than if it were constructed using alternative methods.
  • Both aluminum and steel parts are electrocoated to make sure that water can’t penetrate the F-150’s joints.  (Although they don’t say it in the clip below, this should also prevent the corrosion that takes place when the two materials meet.)

Of course, we’ll all learn a lot more about the 2015 Ford F-150 when it hits dealerships late this year.

photos [Ford]

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