Thieves Stealing F-250s, F-350s in Northern California

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California Highway Patrol Auto Task Force is on the case to track the dozens of stolen Super Dutys outside of San Francisco.

The worst thing that can happen to any Ford truck owner, even worse than an accident, is to have your beloved truck stolen away. All of your hard work, all of your ability to get to work, gone.

This nightmare is playing out in Contra Costa County, east of San Francisco. San Francisco NBC affiliate KNTV-TV says thieves in the county aren’t just going after any truck, but Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks.

Ford Super Duty Thefts NoCal 2019

“I said, ‘What happened? Where’s my truck?!'” said Bill Jones of Martinez, California. “The passenger jumped out and got into my truck, and he was gone in minutes probably even seconds.”

The theft of his Super Duty is one of over two dozen such thefts since January. Eight trucks each were stolen in Concord and Antioch, while 11 vanished from job sites and homes in Pittsburg.

Ford Super Duty Thefts NoCal 2019

“Eleven stolen vehicles of the one make or model is an alarming rate,” said Steve Albanese of the Pittsburg Police Department. “We don’t normally see that in our community.”

It’s gotten to the point where the California Highway Patrol’s Auto Task Force is now looking into tracking down the stolen Fords. Meanwhile, Pittsburg Police found one of the trucks in a park, arresting a local man for the act.

Ford Super Duty Thefts NoCal 2019

“Have a vehicle with more security, possibly an alarm,” said CHP Officer Brandon Correia. “Sounds obvious, but make sure your doors are locked, or go old school, with a Club.”

As for Jones, he hopes his Super Duty can be found soon, as it has the tools he needs for his job.

“I’m disappointed,” said Jones. “I’d like to get it back. I’ve had that truck for 15 years. I don’t need a new truck. That one worked fine for 15 years.”

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