Crime Trend Targets Ford Trucks

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Car Thieves are Using Screwdrivers to Defeat Anti-Theft Technology and Break into Ford F-Series Trucks

There’s a strange and unfortunate new trend happening in the criminal underworld. Lately, thieves have been increasingly setting their sights on breaking into and sometimes outright stealing entire Ford F-series trucks.

Ford Truck Enthusiasts has previously shared with you multiple ways to protect your Ford truck. The auto company has the latest anti-theft technology in place, but it seems that thieves are using a decidedly low-tech tool to access the trucks: a screwdriver.

According to Tulsa’s Fox 23 News, three trucks in Tulsa, Oklahoma, were broken into recently. They were an F-150, F-250 and F-350. While the trucks themselves weren’t stolen, thousands of dollars in valuables were taken from inside the cabin and glove box.

With a simple set of screwdrivers a thief can easily pry the plastic door handle trim away from the body. This allows the culprit to gain access to the lock rods before unlocking the truck and gaining entry.


One company, Jimmi Jammer, has created metal plates that mount inside the door in an attempt to deter screwdriver-equipped thieves. The plates aim to prevent access to the truck even if the door skin and plastic lock trim are pried apart. Although the truck may still suffer damage, your valuables will remain safe and sound.

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