Theft Using F-150 Leads to Lesson in F-Series Load Capacity

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F-150 thieves

Robbers loading up a Ford truck with stolen booty inadvertently show the impressive capabilities of a 10th-gen F-150. 

Two criminals in Columbus, Ohio were caught on camera robbing a tire store. Their getaway truck was a late 1990s Ford F-150. While we know that F-150 is a great truck for hauling, this is definitely not what we had in mind. However, we’re not going to lie, we were impressed seeing just how much they got in the truck. Bad crime. Great payload capacity.

The brazen pair nabbed over $1,500 worth of tire rims from South Columbus’ Williams Tires. According to Manager Karwan Awmar, surveillance cameras caught the two pulling up in a red late 1990s Ford F-150 just after the company shut down for the evening. They loaded up the truck with over two dozen tire rims.

F-150 thieves

Awmar’s neighbors spoke to the thief, who identified himself as “Mike” and claimed he was doing a job for the company. However, Awmar told ABC 6“I don’t know this guy, I don’t know who this is, we’ve never seen him.”

There’s no question that this is a dirty deed, but it does show how well a 1990s-era Ford F-150 holds up when it comes to hauling…even if your load is shady spoils.

Photos: ABC 6

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