The Y Block 341 and 368 Ford Engines

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The Ford Y Block 341 (5.6 L) is a 341 cubic inch Ford Y Block engine with a compression ratio of 8.5:1 and a bore enlarged to 3.94 inches, which improves the power output to 225 hp @ 4400 rpm and 332 ft lbs of torque. The 341 was introduced in 1956 for Lincoln cars but was only released for one production year.

The Ford Y-Block 368 (6.0 L) is a Lincoln V8 with a bore that has been increased to 4.00 inches and stroke to 3.66 inches. This increased the output of this engine to 285 hp @ 4600 rpm with 402 ft lbs of torque with a compression ratio of 9.0:1. The Ford Y-Block 368 was first released in 1956 for Lincoln cars, the Mercury Turnpike Cruiser and Continental Mark II with 1.64 inch exhaust valves, a large fuel pump and duel diaphragm distributor. In 1957, they boosted the compression to 10.1:1, added a Carter four-barrel carburetor, and new oil filter. The output of the Ford Y-Block in the second year of production increased to 300 hp and 415 ft lbs of torque. The Y Block 368 was put on the shelf after the second year of production.

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