The World’s Largest Hot Wheels Track Loop Was Made Possible by Ford Employees

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STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Those are serious academic subjects. What’s a good way of getting kids interested in them?

With toys, of course.

It started and ended with Hot Wheels cars several months ago. Ford dynamometer technician Matt West and his six-year-old son Blade played with them and sent them through loops, which began growing in size. It got to the point that West erected a five-foot-tall loop in his backyard.

Then it went further. West’s Blue Oval colleagues and computer-aided car design software helped him take his project to the next level.

At a Take Your Child to Work Day at the Ford Research and Innovation Center, West dropped the Hot Wheels version of a 2013 Mustang down a ramp that was more than three stories high. The car shot through a loop that was 12.5-feet tall, then flew off the end of the track – which ended up being a road into the book of Guinness World Records.

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