The Sin City Hustler is One Helluva Ford Excursion

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Back when the Ford Excursion was out, it got criticism from some journalists for being too big to fit into regular garages. Those critics would verbally slaughter the 15,000-pound Excursion you see here. It makes the factory version look like a Smart car in comparison.

The Sin City Hustler from BTR Motors is bigger than the truck it started its life as in every way.


It’s been stretched out far enough to fit a center-mounted driver and 12 passengers over a custom monster truck tube chassis. According to BTR, those in the back “are able to view the [four-link] suspension system, drivetrain, 4-wheel steering, and terrain during the ride” thorugh Lexan.


The tires are now a mammoth 66 inches tall and 44 inches wide.

Of course, this Excursion’s engine output has grown, too. Its 521-cubic-inch big-block V8 produces more than 700 horsepower on pump gas.


All in all, the Sin City Hustler is 32 feet long, 12 feet tall, and nearly 12 feet wide. Forget a garage – it would be interesting to see which parking lots this monster couldn’t fit into. Someone willing to pay $1 million for this odd beast can find out. You can watch the Sin City Hustler in action in the video below.

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