The Shelby F-150 Flexes Big Muscles in Chicago

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Those folks visiting the ongoing 2016 Chicago Auto Show will get to meet the new 2017 Raptor, but they will also get to see the 700 horsepower Shelby F-150 live and in person. This supercharged beast is one of the nastiest aftermarket pickup packages available in the U.S. right now, with a list of modifications that will allow it to beat the Raptor or anything from Ram or Chevy without breaking a sweat.

This 2016 Ford F-150 began its life as a SuperCrew Lariat 4×4 with the 5.0L V8. The Shelby F-150 package begins by adding a supercharger, which lifts the output to 700 horsepower, while a BDS Suspension package with Fox dampers lifts the entire truck by 3.5 inches. That extra suspension lift leaves plenty of room for the Shelby 18 inch bead lock wheels wrapped in off-road tires and to help the 5.0L V8 announce its presence – Shelby adds a Borla performance exhaust system.


Finally, in addition to the package-specific badging on the hood, tailgate, bedsides and grille, the Shelby F-150 gets a unique dual ram air hood and a set of silver stripes that run the length of the truck.

With 700 horsepower, the Shelby F-150 will outrun pretty much any truck or SUV that it encounters on the road and with BDS/Fox suspension setup will allow this high riding F-150 to conquer the toughest off-road conditions. This package looks pretty wicked as well, with a look that will allow this F-150 to stand out, even when it is sitting still.

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