The Remote-Controlled Ford F-150 Durability Mule

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Ford F-150 Remote-Controlled Durability Tester

Manuel Carillo III

How fun would it be to have your very own life-sized F-150 RC truck? Ask the folks at Ford Motor Company and they’ll probably tell you it’s a lot of fun. The truth is though, it’s more about what the engineers don’t do with the truck that matters.

Before the advent of the remote-controlled F-150 torture-test vehicle, engineers had to drive trucks many miles over harsh potholes and other torturous situations. Even though durability test tracks are designed to put a lot of wear on a vehicle in a short time span, the drivers were wearing out, too. Imagine how pissed off your kidneys would be if they had to be rattled for eight hours straight? Now with the remote-controlled pickup, testing can move even more quickly, and kidneys can rest easy.

Check out the video below to see The Fast Lane Truck‘s┬áRoman Mica get thrown around the RC F-150’s cabin with Ford Durability Technical Specialist, Jeff Bledsoe.

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