The “Jurassic Park” Ford Explorer is Still Dino-Mite

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“Jurassic World” has a shark-eating dinosaur in it. It has plenty of action. Now, it also has, according to the Washington Post, the highest opening-weekend global box office take of any movie ever.

I haven’t seen this fourth installment in the franchise, but I do know that it’s also going to have a hard time matching up to “Jurassic Park” in an automotive sense. One thing a lot of people, myself included, seem to recall about the movie that wowed kids and adults alike back in 1993 is the group of Ford Explorers used in it. How could you not? Their kid-tastic paint jobs and yellow wheels were unforgettable. (So was this.)

Apparently, others were even more affected by the JP Explorers. One man, some of whose build pictures I’ve put below, painstakingly made his own replica of one.

Someone else made one, too. They even made their own little movie about it (below). Enjoy!

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