The History of the 7.3L Diesel Powerstroke Engine

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The 7.3L Diesel Power Stroke engine had been used by International for Ford Trucks since 1993. More than one million had left the factory by 1999, with number two million being built by 2002. The name Power Stroke is reserved for Ford trucks and has set a new bar among the Big Three competitors.

The engine was included in the prestigious Diesel Power
Magazine’s Top 10 Diesel Engines Ever Produced. With more than two
million Ford trucks equipped with this engine, it beat the total number of Dodge, Chevy and
GMC diesel engines in just one lineup.


    Displacement: 7.3L; 444 cubic inches
    Configuration: V8
    Compression Ratio: 17.5:1
    Bore: 4.11"
    Stroke: 4.18"
    Injection: Direct injection; hydraulic electronic unit injection (HEUI)
    Aspiration: Single turbocharger
    Valve Train: OHV, two valves per cylinder
    Oil Capacity: 14 to 15 quarts
    Weight: Approximately 920 pounds dry
    Horsepower (Peak): 275 HP @ 2,800 RPM
    Torque (Peak): 525 foot pounds @ 1,600 RPM                      
                *Peak is qualified by the highest rating given to this area during testing.

With the changes in emission regulations hitting engine production hard
in 2003, International had to pull the mighty Power Stroke off the
market, replacing it with a 6.0L Power Stroke. Though the 7.3L Diesel Power Stroke engine is no longer in production, it’s estimated there are around two million still on the road today.

The 7.3L is considered aging to today’s diesel technology, but it was a
major powerhouse in its heyday. Buyers of trucks with this engine love
the performance and heavy duty dedication the 7.3L Diesel Power Stroke
offers. It’s no wonder this engine beat out all the diesels its
competitors put out combined.

If you’re in the market for a hard working diesel engine you can trust,
check for a used 7.3L Diesel Power Stroke. Check with your local state
EPA regulations to find out if you need to perform any modifications.

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