The Ford Mustang’s Steering Wheel is Just One Sign of How the Car Has Grown More Sophisticated

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As good as the Ford Mustang looks on the outside, its interior is where you’re going to spend most of your time with the car – and you’ll be using the steering wheel the entire time you’re driving. It’s important that that wheel not only be attractively styled but convenient and helpful as well, especially given how many technology features Fords come with these days.

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However, things haven’t always been that way. The Mustang’s been around since 1964. Back then, there was no Bluetooth or SYNC. The original Mustang’s wheel was a 16-inch ring that may or may not have been attached to power steering.


It didn’t take long for the Mustang’s wheel to become more sophisticated, though. By 1967, it featured seven available adjustments. The next year, the steering column became collapsible.

Back in 1979, the Mustang gained steering-wheel-mounted controls. Ford began tucking an airbag into the Mustang’s wheel as standard equipment 11 years later.


In 2010, the S197 Mustang received a variety of wheel-mounted buttons, such as those for volume, phone, and audio input selection, for operating SYNC.


The current Mustang can have as many as 20 buttons on its wheel that handle such functions as the adaptive cruise control system, SYNC, and the gauge cluster screen. On the GT350’s/GT350R’s wheel, things such as the power steering effort, MagneRide suspension, and exhaust tuning can be adjusted on the fly.

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