The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R is an American-Pleaser and a Brit-Teaser

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I feel sorry for people in England. True, they live in the home of James Bond and have access to cars such as the new Ford Mustang 5.0. They’ll even be able to buy the next GT when it comes out.

Certain Brits also live close to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The most recent celebration of it wrapped up yesterday. During the event’s famous hillclimb, spectators had a chance to see – and hear – the upcoming rip-roaring Mustang Shelby GT350R blast across and up the 1.16-mile course.

I hope those folks find the video below or made one of their own because what they experienced is all they’re going to get of the GT350R on their soil. Ford’s not going to sell the lightened Camaro-killer in Europe.

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