Next Lincoln Continental Could Be Built in Flat Rock, Michigan

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The Lincoln Continental came onto the market decades before the Ford Explorer, but it’s also been a dead model for a significant period of time. In that span, the Explorer has continued to sell. That means when the next Continental goes into production, it won’t be kicking the Explorer out of its Chicago Assembly Plant home. The Continental will have to find a place of its own.

In fact, in 2016, Ford will stop producing the CAP-made Lincoln MKS. That move and the fact that the 2017 Continental won’t be taking up room in the Windy City plant will free up manufacturing space for the Ford Explorer, whose sales – including those for the Police Interceptor Utility – are up 15 percent this year through May.

Where does that leave production of the next Continental, then?


According to industry sources, more than likely in Flat Rock, Michigan, where the Fusion is manufactured. That location would make sense because those same insiders claim the Continental will be built on a stretched version of the Fusion’s platform.

Flat Rock is also one of a small number of Ford’s U.S. plants that has the capacity to make the Continental. Instead of shutting down for two weeks this summer, as is the custom at Ford, Flat Rock will be taking a break from June 15 until July 13. That sort of time off would give it a chance to prepare for the cranking out of a new model, such as the Continental.

Are you looking forward to the new Lincoln Continental? How do you feel about the possibility of it having Fusion underpinnings?

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