‘Devils Lettuce’ Will Have You Addicted to F-100s

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Beautifully shot by Hot Rod Dirty’s Photography, this custom 1964 F-100 stops being cool for no one.

Classic Ford trucks have tons of character. Some present themselves as blue-collar trucks that work hard on the job. Others are show ponies strutting their stuff at the country club. A few are speed demons, hell-bent to destroy all comers on the strip or street.

Then, there’s this 1964 F-100 shot by Hot Rod Dirty’s Photography. Dubbed “Devils Lettuce,” the F-100 exudes cool from its patina’d green body.

Devils Lettuce 1964 Ford F-100

From the moment the start button is pushed, the F-100 pulls no punches on its badassery. Every angle captures “Devils Lettuce” letting the world know there’s a new bad boy in town, ready to give new meaning to “Thunder Road.”

Devils Lettuce 1964 Ford F-100

Even when standing still, the F-100 doesn’t need to tell any lesser pickups not to mess with it. With its commanding presence beautifully displayed, you just know how awesome it is.

Devils Lettuce 1964 Ford F-100

If it must flex on ’em, though, the F-100 can easily do so, thanks to its 4.6-liter V8 pulled from a P71 Police Interceptor. The “Devils Lettuce” is the definition of “Smoke ’em if you got ’em.”

Devils Lettuce 1964 Ford F-100

Hot Rod Dirty’s Photography does an excellent job capturing the F-100’s details, too, especially the lovely brownish-red interior with bejeweled studs placed every so often, and the equally rugged and handsome wood bed in the back. Pure class all the way.

Devils Lettuce 1964 Ford F-100

The “Devils Lettuce” was recently offered on eBay by its builder, Traditional Hot Rod, where it sold for a little over $30,000. Whomever the lucky owner of this tough F-100 is, they’ve got a truck that will make everybody stop and stare.

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