ADIOS! The CD Player in Cars and Trucks is Officially Dead

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SYNC 3 and Android Auto cd player

Guys (and gals), I have bad news. If you’re a fan of digitized music encoded onto round plastic discs that you play in your car, your next new car might not support that feature. CD players in cars are going the way of the cassette deck. Do you care, or have you moved on?

Interestingly, all of the Ford vehicles I’ve been in recently have had CD players, including the 2015 Ford F-150, 2015 Ford Edge, and the new Ford Explorer. We asked Ford about it on the F-150 launch program, and according to Ford’s research, customers still want CD players and they’re going to continue offering what the customers want.

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However, that’s not the same across all automobile manufacturers. Many FCA products do not have a CD player as standard, and some offer a CD player upgrade for an additional amount of money. I’ve been in vehicles from other OEMs that simply do away with the CD player.

Many of us carry our music on our smartphones, or use a streaming service and Bluetooth connectivity. In my own personal Ford vehicle, I haven’t once used the CD player, and that car was purchased back in 2011.


Toyota was a longtime holdout for getting rid of cassette players. Their audience, especially Lexus buyers, were fans of books on tape. But now even Audible eliminates the need for a cassette, or CD player in the car.

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