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  • Ford Fiesta Movement agents had a blast during their six months with the European-spec Fiesta, which is made clear through the creative and fun videos and blogs posted on
  • Since the Fiesta Movement launched in April, agents have traveled nearly 1.4 million miles across the country
  • More than 140,000 consumers have engaged with the Ford Fiesta as part of the Fiesta Movement’s test drive tour, which is scheduled to run through December
  • Fiesta agents will gather in L.A. on Dec. 1 for an awards ceremony that will recognize them for their contributions


Six months ago, Fiesta Movement agents met their Fiesta, hit the road and started their adventures. Missions ranged in theme from social activism to entertainment, and they captured it all online for followers to see.

As part of the Fiesta Movement social media initiative, 100 young trendsetters have been test driving and living with a European-spec Ford Fiesta for six months, traveling as agents on special missions. They then go on to relate their experiences through a variety of social media sites. Throughout the Fiesta Movement, agents have generated more than 5.7 million YouTube views, more than 710,000 Flickr views and more than 3.4 million Twitter impressions. They have traveled nearly 1.4 million miles in their Fiestas.


The Ford Fiesta Movement encouraged agents to get out and have fun with their Fiesta, and that was no problem for these 100 socially vibrant Millennials.

People are paying attention to the content the agents post on, with Fiesta Movement agents generating more than 5.7 million YouTube views, more than 710,000 Flickr views and more than 3.4 million Twitter impressions.

The Fiesta highlight reel includes adventures from the Fiesta Movement:

  • Agent Brittani had hot chicks washing her car, but not the kind you think. These are bikini-clad and yellow-feathered chicks with oversized, yellow beaks, washing the car. Check it out here:
  • Agent Natasha used lavish costumes, arresting imagery and the contrast between gluttony and hunger in the world to illustrate the need for Meals on Wheels. Dressed in costumes, Natasha and some of her friends piled into her Fiesta to deliver food to those in need. Check it out here:
  • Agents Marc and Jennifer traveled Detroit and its suburbs to show off their favorite area and set their video to a song about what they saw along the way. Stops include the Detroit Institute of Arts, Tiger Stadium, Michigan Central Station and the Spirit of Detroit statue. Check it out here:
  • Agent Jake got his Fiesta back after it’s towed in New York City. After repeated denials the city didn’t have the car, Jake gets to the bottom of the truth, and gets his Fiesta back too. Check it out here:
  • Agents Joel and Mandy learned what Team Ford Racing thinks about the new Fiesta, with interviews from Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle and more. The consensus is, they love it! Check it out here:
  • Agent Beto created a music video highlighting his experience with the Fiesta. Showing the places he’s been and the people he’s met along the way, the video is a sweet ending to his adventure. Check it out here:
  • Agent Deena ordered three items off the SkyMall catalog – a popcorn maker, a cotton candy machine and a sno-cone machine. For the fun part, she tests them out and reviews them. Check it out here:
  • Agent Tim showed just how indestructible his Panasonic Toughbook is. While pretending the computer is a love interest, he puts it through three tests to prove it has the ultimate endurance. Check it out:

Chance to drive a Fiesta
With a kickoff in May and running through December, five regional test drive teams representing the Fiesta Movement are traveling across the country to engage consumers with the opportunity to test drive a European-spec Ford Fiesta.

The Fiesta Movement test drive is drawing huge numbers by engaging more than 140,000 consumers along the way.

The teams are visiting at least 200 cities over eight months, stopping in small towns and big cities, as well as making appearances at major and regional events and festivals. Information about drive stops, including monthly calendars, is available on under the "Test Drive" section. Site visitors also can sign up to receive test drive updates as they become available.


"Our agents had the ride of a lifetime during the Fiesta Movement. The content they put out there was amazing – they told their Fiesta stories in such creative ways."

– Connie Fontaine,
Ford brand content and alliances manager


"The Fiesta draws a crowd wherever it goes. The test drives were a perfect way to introduce Fiesta to consumers everywhere."

– Jeff Eggen,
Ford car experiential marketing manager

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